What If You Could Transform Your Life

What If You Could Transform Your Life.  What would you do?

How would you do it? And where would you begin?

These are just a few of the many questions that people ask themselves when they think about transforming their lives. They also ask the question, “Can I do it? Do I have what it takes?” And the answer – based on sound research, and countless personal accounts from across the world – is a very definite “Yes!”

There is a catch though, and anyone thinking of embarking on a personal transformation journey should be warned: it is not a walk in the park. It takes conviction, unwavering commitment, and an unquestionable, burning desire to live a very different life. It also requires an understanding of what ‘Transformation’ is and isn’t, and most importantly, how it differs from ‘Change’.

Firstly, Change can change back – it can be temporary; it can be reversed. Transformation, however, is more permanent; once it is complete, it cannot be easily undone.

Secondly, Change is inevitable – it occurs constantly in our lives, whether we want it to or not. Transformation, on the other hand, is not always a part or an outcome of change; it is a conscious decision and effort to create something new and greater than what was before.

Thirdly, a Change process can be managed through relatively simple and pre-determined measures towards a clear destination. In a Transformation process, the future state is unknown, unpredictable.  It emerges through trial and error, with many uncertainties and detours along the way.

So, do you have what it takes to take on the challenge of personal transformation? Armed with some understanding of what you are in for, and a good dose of determination to get it right, you should do well in your journey. And it will definitely be worth your while, as urged by global activist and author Lynne Twist in a speech at a graduation ceremony,

“Transformation never makes the past wrong. It transforms it. It doesn’t deny it. It honors it in a way that you can move forward without making anything wrong, and having the past somehow now become complete, rather than wrong …once you transform, once you awaken, once you see the stations you didn’t see before, you can’t go back …what the world is crying for now is transformation, not necessarily more change, though some change may be a part of it, the route to transformation. (Transformation) makes the past make sense, and new futures open up.” (Source: nsansa.org)


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